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Lay Ministries

“To be happy, you need to find out what your spiritual gifts are, and put them to work for good purpose.”

– Fr. Joe Davis.


What Christians do in the world is a form of ministry. To see Fr. Joe discuss the importance of lay ministry, watch this video here: (1).

Mission Council

“I currently serve on the Mission Council, and I want to invite you to consider this. It is a great way to serve Grace Church. There are many roles — congregational life, outreach communications, and so many others. It only takes up a few hours of your time. We meet once a month, on Wednesdays and we have a great time doing that.”

Susan Austin

The Mission Council is elected at our annual meeting to oversee the operations and finances of Grace Episcopal Church. For more information, please see this video: (1).

Altar Guild / Flower Guild

“This is a wonderful service for the church that you do mainly for yourself, on the weekend before the service. It’s a loving [service…] and you feel like you are contributing so much. Of course, it’s necessary for your Eucharist service…”

Linda Colmore

The Altar and Flower Guild is responsible for maintaining and decorating our altar. This is an important part of preparing the church for Eucharistic services.

For more information about this lay ministry, please see these videos (1) (2).

Children’s Church

“Children’s Church is of course serving the children, and teaching them, but they also teach us a great amount of things It’s amazing how you can walk away learning so much. It’s not that hard, it’s really a lot of fun.”

– Lynn Rieger

The Children’s Church ministry provides age-appropriate Christian education for the children of Grace Church, preparing them for Confirmation while also engaging them with craft activities, games, and Gospel-based lessons. Adult volunteers work in pairs and work to plan lessons ahead of time. For more information please see this video: (1).

Cleaning Ministry

“The cleaning ministry is not the most glamorous of all the ministries here, but it can be very satisfying, especially I feel that cleaning the nave of church. I remember talking to Father Joe once about it, and he said ‘I know you are praying the whole time you are vacuuming.'”

– Laurie McNutt

Mission Council members and other Grace Church members pitch in to keep the building maintained and clean. From lawn care to vacuuming and dishes, this work must be done. Much of it can be done on your own schedule. For more information, see this video: (1).