Lay Ministries

“To be happy, you need to find out what your spiritual gifts are, and put them to work for good purpose.” – Fr. Joe Davis.   What Christians do in […]

Mission Council

“I currently serve on the Mission Council, and I want to invite you to consider this. It is a great way to serve Grace Church. There are many roles — […]

Daughters of the King

“We founded the chapter here at Grace, Daughters of Grace, in 2008. All Daughters commit to a life of service, prayer, and evangelism.” – Carolyn Johnson-Warnick “It is a beautiful […]

Altar Guild / Flower Guild

“This is a wonderful service for the church that you do mainly for yourself, on the weekend before the service. It’s a loving [service…] and you feel like you are […]

Chalice Bearers, Crucifers, Readers, and Ushers

“I really enjoying serving at the altar, that’s basically what a chalice bearer does — he helps the priest serve Communion. I also get involved in reading the Prayers of […]

Children’s Church

Cleaning Ministry

“The cleaning ministry is not the most glamorous of all the ministries here, but it can be very satisfying, especially I feel that cleaning the nave of church. I remember […]

Music / Choir

“I always think that the most important thing to do in church is to sing! We would love to have all of you come and sing with us.” – Deanie […]